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Sparks Of Light – 9/8/11

Woe to the trophy hunter, either animal or photo, for in the end the trophy is a poor excuse for action.

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Sparks of Light – 7/27/11

In this ever growing Social Media game – Envy will rob you blind of all your blessings. Showing off will turn you into a fool devoid of sincerity. And Obscurity will turn you into a cynic. Pick your poison.

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Sparks Of Light – 7/21/11

Sometimes I get these thoughts that just come out of nowhere.  I find them interesting and think they would make a great blog post but I either don’t have the time to develop the thought or I just don’t know what else to say about it beyond that.  So I think I will just post it here as a “Spark Of Light” thought for that given day.

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