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Tailbone Falls

Exploration sometimes leads to new discoveries, as was the case with this waterfall. Even though others knew of this waterfall before this photographer found it, it was never documented or indicated on any map. This fact made its discovery that much more exhilarating. In that exhilaration good judgment sometimes gets put aside. The waterfall slides down a 40-foot slope of mudstone, slippery slick sandstone like material that lines most of the creek and stream beds of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Extreme care must be taken while walking on it, as was done getting into place. In the presence of this waterfall, where the water humbly falls from its height, haughtiness and boasting have no place. If it does manifest itself, outwardly or in this case in the heart, as it did after photographing this falls with no name, one foot slipping out from under this photographer now self satiated in capturing it, brought him down with an additional 30 pounds strapped to his back, and landing square onto his tailbone. Nature it seems is not without a sense of humor. But that painful tailbone served as a stark reminder that arrogance has no place in the presence of greatness.

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