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Sparks Of Light – 2/17/2013

Today was a remarkable day.  I was exhibiting the photography at my local market.  About 3 quarters the way through the show a family from either central or south america came into my booth.  It was woman, her daughter of about 7 years old and her husband.  She did not speak English very well.  They all looked at my work and then she commented to me but I did not understand her.  Her husband then translated and said, “my wife says you are a man with a deep appreciation and wonder for the Earth.  I can see it in your eyes”.  She then bent down to here daughter and spoke into her ear as she pointed up at my eyes and her daughter’s face gleamed with an incredible smile and big wide eyes.  They thanked me and went on their way.

Probably the finest compliment I have ever received in my entire photographic career not to mention in my life.   They were truly genuine people, and where ever you folks may be – Thank You, from the bottom of my heart.  You made my day and validated the importance of my work and reverence for the Earth.

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Sparks Of Light – 2/3/2013

Today a young visitor to my Sunday exhibit walked up to one of the photos, and while under the salvo of commands from her mother not to touch the photos, she points to where I had signed the mat and calls out to her sister and mother – “Look! The author’s name is there”.


I found that to be a very austere observation on her art. Every photographer is an author writing with light rather than ink a story of time, a statement of purpose, or a record of history that will never repeat again, ever.

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