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Remembering Spring

Photography has a unique ability to not only capture a moment in time, but to also transport the viewer to that time. The return is even more pronounced for the photographer, and every aspect of that moment comes back from the sounds present to the aromas wafting in air to the sunlight caressing the skin. Looking at this photograph of miles of wildflowers reminds me of that spring day in all its glory. The fertility and vigor of life itself in full bloom, the hopes and dreams of good things to come and just how wonderful life is comes through succinctly. It makes me wonder about my own life and how I once used to be when young and full of dreams and ambitions and how those have changed and tempered with the wisdom that only life itself can bring. With any hope, our dreams of our youth have come true and are making a positive difference in the world. Dream your dreams and work towards them for a better tomorrow.

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