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In autumn, the trees begin to change. Temperature, moisture and sunlight start to change and cause the leaves to change color. Each tree changes in its own unique way. Some will turn red. Others will turn orange or yellow. They turn the landscape into a rainbow of color that spreads in some cases for miles. But it does not last long, for as soon as the leaves begin to change, they lose the ability to remain on the trees and they begin to fall. One by one, the leaves drop to the ground and create a blanket that covers and cushions the Earth. Coming upon the carpet is overwhelming, but having the good fortune of watching a leaf fall from its tree in a dance where it tumbles and spins and careens in perfect silence is utterly sublime. No leaf falls from its tree before its destined time has come, a time ordained by the One who ordains all things. And being witness to it is nothing short of being in the presence of the Divine.

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