This year at the 2010 Silicon Valley Open Studio (SVOS) exhibit I held a FREE Photo Giveaway promotion.  It was announced on the April 30th, 2010 post on Organic Light Pan and was open to all visitors of the exhibit or the website or blog, and any patron who made a purchase at the exhibit.  The winner of the drawing will receive a FREE Matted Studio Series sized photograph of their choice.

The drawing was determined by, using their thrid party random draw service.

The drawing was completed and the winner of this year’s drawing goes to Gina Nelson of Campbell Ca!

The drawing was amongst 29 entrants and the results can be viewed on the website at THIS LINK.  It will be a permanent record at and every entrant can verify that they were in the drawing by entering their first and last name in the entrant box in the following format (e.g. Youssef Ismail).

I want to thank everyone who participated in the promotion and supported Organic Light Photography with a purchase at the SVOS exhibit.  I truly appreciate your support.

Once again, Congratulations to Gina Nelson!

See you all again next year if not sooner.  Peace.

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