It has been just over two years since starting this web journal (a.k.a. blog).  I write about several different topics but mostly its about nature and what I have learned from it through the lens of my camera and refined through the spiritual filter of my faith and I pass on those lessons and share my photos to those who invest the time to read what I have written and look at what I have photographed.

However recently this seems to have become a frustrating endeavor for the more I write the less response I seem to receive.  Even more frustrating and confusing is that as I gather statistics on who visits and from where, it would make me believe that what I write is being seen and read by thousands of people.  However rarely do I even read a comment about what I write.

I am beginning to think that those who visit have deaf eyes and cannot ‘hear’ what I have to say or that they have mute fingers and cannot write to ‘voice’ their opinions.  On the other hand it might be that what I have to say is uninteresting, banal or just plain rubbish.  Or it could be that my photos are boring, uninspired or just plain rubbish.  But I would never know as no one ever tells me so one way or the other.

In any case I will keep writing and sharing my photos.  I write from the heart and my photos are a reflection of what I see and love in the world.  So I was just wondering what it would be like if those who visited left me some feedback so that I knew I was not screaming into a vacuum.  Because screaming into a vacuum is not an especially fulfilling feeling.