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Standing Firm

We all endure trying times from loss of income and jobs to health issues and death, housing problems and mounting debt, to wars and tribulation. Those times try to test every one of us. We could bemoan these hardships and complain but what good can come out of self-pity? The important thing is that we are still here, standing firm in the face of the onslaught, unwavering and resolute. Doing what we are supposed to do, fulfilling our destiny and meeting our fate with patience and contentment. I applaud those who have stood firm and weathered the storm like this small delicate tree that is rushed by a torrent of water whose almost deafening roar would be enough to rattle any resolve. However, it has taken root in firm unyielding solid granite and with that as its foundation finds the wherewithal to continue its growth not bothered in the least by the madness rushing past it. And like this tree if we ground ourselves in Faith and put our trust in The One in whose hand are all affairs we will find the courage to stand firm in the face of whatever comes our way.

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