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What is Organic Light?

In the beginning, as related by all the great world religions, the first creation was Light. Prior to Light everything other than the Creator did not exist. Light is the pivot on which all of creation rests. The Light of the Heavens and the Earth is a mixture of that original Pure Light and Pure Darkness which results in Shade. At either extreme we are blinded but in the shade we can see.

What we see and perceive is a shadow of the Creation basking in Pure Light. When Pure Light and Creation meet, they produce a spectrum of intensities and colors that dazzle the eyes and enthrall the heart and mind.

Organic Light is that resulting interaction between Pure Light and the Creation. It is always changing and is never the same at any given moment. Organic Light Photography attempts to capture these unique moments of Organic Light with integrity and honesty.

The hope is that the photographs produced will bring reverence to the One who created Pure Light, the Creation and the interaction between those two. And that they will bring us all together in Glorifying the Creator just as what we see in the world is Glorifying The Creator at all times.

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