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John Shaw Photography

No doubt the photographer that I have learned the most from and gain the most confidence from. His books are almost a necessity to learning good outdoor nature and landscape photography techniques. His books are listed on his website.

Tom Grubbe

A nature photographer who's work really encouraged me in my work. His images made me realize that great nature shots can be made in your own "backyard".

Luminous Landscape

The website of Michael Reichmann. Full of information about landscape photography. Includes tutorials, field reviews and a discussion forum. Well worth the time searching and learning from his site.

Dan Baumbach

Landscape and Nature phtography of Dan Baumbach on his website. Dan captures incredible moods in his work. Definitely worth a look.


A professinal photography portfolio site where photographers can join and display there images for free.
Great Free Publicity. Check them out.

The Web's Top Photography Pages

A list of websites of top nature photographers

Nature Photography Top 100

The 100 top nature photography sites.

Nature Photography Top 100


A great information site on nature photography and the use of digital equipment to that end. It has a great photocritique section with some very competent photogrpahers giving feed back. Requires membership to post images for critique, but its free.

Nature Photographers Online Magazine


A Nature photography critique forum. Great feed back on posted images and a very friendly environment to discuss and share photos.

Crafts Fair Guide

A great guide for artists and craftspeople looking for venues to sell their art and crafts. Published and managed by Lee Spiegel. The reviews are by the artists and craftspeople themselves so it reflects what actually happens down in the trenches. Check them out.

Danny Burk Photography

Incredible Large Format Landscape photography. Danny also offers scanning services and leads photographic workshops. Worth a visit.

Adam Gibbs Photography

The nature and landscape photography of Adam Gibbs. Truly excellent and inspiring work.

Gary Crabbe

The work of Gary Crabbe. A prolific photographer with many resources on the webiste including stock sales, print sales and books. Worth a visit.

Ed Carreon Photography

Photographer in Los Angeles providing editorial, annual reports, and portrait photography of exceptional quality and style. His work conveys the strength and integrity of his subjects. If you need some commercial work done, contact Ed.

Memory Suppliers

Discount digital memory supplies for digital cameras. Good Service.

Leading Campbell, California Photographers listed in

We are listed in San Jose Photography Directory at

Guy Tal Photography

Stunning work from the southwest, Guy Tal is a master at capturing the essence of the landscape and conveying in both images and worlds. Definitely worth a visit.

Michael Gordon Photography

Michael is an amazing photographer working traditionally in Black & White and color. His photographs bring wonder and awe to the mind. Check out his work.

Lifting The Veil
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