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Bryce Canyon
Standing Upright - Lundy Canyon
Lovely Pair - Poppies at Stanford University

Thank you for your interest in Organic Light Photography.  The images on this website are available as custom fine art photographs, matted or matted and framed.  All finished photos are titled, signed and dated, and numbered on the over mat.  In addition the image description read here on this website is attached to the back of the mounting board as well as a certificate of authenticity which serves as a guarantee that each photograph is an original.  Each photo comes with my unique lifetime guarantee as outlined below.


The photographs are captured on professional transparency film to ensure that the true and rich colors and details of nature are faithfully recorded using either a 35mm camera or a Large Format 4x5 view camera.  The focal lenght of the lenses used ranged from wide angle at 24mm to telephoto at 400mm. In each case the camera was placed on a sturdy tripod. Once developed, the film is scanned on high resolution film scanners starting at 4000 dpi to capture all visual and color information.  I then re-master the digital files, personally, to match the original transparency, performing the necessary color balancing, contrast masking, dodging and burning if necessary, and edge sharpening in Photoshop.


The digital files are then profiled and prepared for printing using one of two modern printing techniques dictated by the needs of the image. The first method utilizes the Cymbolic Sciences LightJet 5000 digital enlarger at Calypso Imaging Inc. in Santa Clara, CA. This enlarger uses red, green and blue lasers to expose Fuji Crystal Archive photographic paper. The exposed photographic paper is then placed in a traditional silver halide bath to absorb the photographic dyes.  The second process sends the digital file to an Epson Ultrachrome digital printer where archival-pigmented inks are deposited onto a resin-coated photo paper. The resulting prints are of Archival Quality and guaranteed fade resistant for 60 years or more when mounted archivally, as I do, and displayed properly out of direct sunlight behind glass or acrylic.


Once printed the photographs are hinge mounted onto acid free archival 1/8" foam board, with 100% white cotton rag over mats giving you the classic gallery and museum styling. The overmats are either a single 4-ply, double 4-ply or a double 4-ply raised shadow style, depending on the size of the image, and bevel cut by hand.   Framed pieces come behind anti-glare UV filtering acrylic and custom Neilson black brushed aluminum frames.


While I have used all the means at my disposal to provide you with faithful reproductions on the website, there is simply no way to convey the visual experience of viewing an actual fine print.  I have every confidence that you will be absolutely delighted with the "real thing".


For pricing on prints, click Here.

To Make A Purchase

Take your time and enjoy visiting the image galleries presented here on the Organic Light Photography web site. From the thumbnails page in each gallery, simply click on the image you are interested in. That image will be presented to you enlarged for a better look. Under the enlarged image there will be the word 'purchase'. Clicking on 'purchase' will take you to the order page for that image where you will be given the choice of choosing the size desired and if you would like it framed or simply matted. For your convenience, you may make your payment by credit card, SECURELY, by clicking on the 'Add to Cart' button at the bottom of the order page. You will be routed to a SECURE PayPal Online Shoping Cart where you can view, purchase, or continue shopping for more photos or services. You do not need a PayPal account to pay online from this website. Paypal is simply our online merchant service provider. Otherwise you will be contacted shortly to arrange for another form of payment.

Returns Policy

I want you to know that each and every purchase is covered by my unique 30-12, 100% money back guarantee. I want you to be totally satisfied with your purchase and enjoy displaying the photo in your home or office. If this is not the case just return the photgraph to me and I will either refund your money, if the purchase was made within the last 30 days, or exchange the photograph for one that you are satisfied with. This warranty will be honored whether you made your purchase over the internet, over the phone or in person. This warranty does not apply to personally authographed pieces nor to pieces which were altered, modified, reframed or rematted by someone other than Youssef Ismail or the Organic Light Photography Studio. Your piece must be in like-new condition when we receive it. Shipping and handling costs are not refundable. If you have purchased multiple pieces from us and wish to return them for a refund you need to ship your pieces back to us all at the same time, preferably in a single package. Your return needs to be insured and trackable. Each return must be preceded by communication with us, either by phone or email, notifying us that a return is coming. Returns for which we have not been notified, and returns that have not been approved by us, will be returned to sender. This policy is subject to change at any time without notice.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!   Your investment in art should not be one of uncertainty. That is why here at Organic Light Photography, we offer one of the most risk free warranties to be found anywhere. And although I am certain that you will be thrilled with your purchase you have the following three-point warranty:


1. The Unique 30-12, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Any photograph purchased directly from Organic Light Photography (either online, over the phone or in person) is covered under our unique, 30-12 100% satisfation guarantee. If after 30 days, you are not completely thrilled and satisfied with your Original purchase you can return it for an exchange or a complete refund. You can also rest assured that even after 12 months from the date of Original purchase you can return it for an exchange of equal value. Its just that simple. Some limitations apply. See the section on Returns for details.

2. Lifetime No-Fade Warranty: The photos are printed on archival papers with archival ink sets or dyes and mounted and matted using only 100% acid free materials and given the Organic Light Photography Certificate of Authenticty. The photos are guaranteed fade-resistant for 60 years or more provided they are displayed behind glass or acrylic to protect them from air pollutants and they are not displayed in direct sunlight or florescent lighting. If your photograph ever fades inspite of taking the above precautions to display it properly, simply return it and I will replace it no questions asked as along as you own it and the certificate of authenticity is attached to the back of the mount board. It's as simple as that.

3. Lifetime Framing Warranty: If you purchase a framed photo from the Organic Light Photography studio and becomes damaged due to our framing it will be reframed or replaced, your choice, at no charge, for the lifetime of the photo, no questions asked. The framing used is of the highest quality and all matierials used are 100% archival and comes with the Organic Light Photgraphy Frame Certificate of Authenticity. I will honor this warranty to the orignal purchaser with proof of purchase for as long as the certificate remains intact on the framed piece.

In addition to the above 3 points, you also recieve the following guarantees with each and every Organic Light Photograph:

4. The prices of Organic Light Photographs increase regularly guaranteeing an increase in your investment value each and every time the prices increase. Once the prices go up (they increase at least once per year), they do not go back down. The best time to start your investment is now, before the next increase. I reserve the right to raise the prices at any time without notice.

5. Each photograph has been captured on professional transparency film using a Large Format 4x5 view camera or a professional 35mm camera and the finest optics available giving you a photo that is a true rendition of the scene that was presented to me, as I remembered it, at the time I tripped the shutter.

6. I personally print or supervise the printing of each photograph I offer on archival papers with archival photographic dyes and inks and then title, number, sign and date the photo with an acid free archival pen making each and every print a unique work of art.

7. Each photograph comes with a Certificate of Authenticity adhered to the back. This certificate, signed by Youssef Ismail, guarantees that it is an original Youssef Ismail Organic Light Photograph and entitles you to the 12-month guarantee mentioned above as long as it is attached to the photo.

8. I mount and matt each photograph by hand using only 100% acid-free museum standard archival materials. The photos are hinge-mounted on a sturdy acid-free foam board and the over mats are 100% acid-free cotton rag board that I personally hand-cut, guaranteeing that the presentation materials will never cause your photograph to fade.

9. Each framed photograph comes with a Frame Certificate of Authenticity, which gives you the assurance that only the finest materials are used and entitles you to the above Lifetime Framing Warranty as long as it is intact on the frame. I use non-glare Ultra-Violet (UV) filtering acrylic glazing to further protect your photograph from damaging air pollutants and UV light. I use handsome black brushed anodized Florentine-styled aluminum frames giving a clean contemporary non-distracting look and plastic coated copper braided hanging wire for years of service in any environmental condition.

10. Each photograph I present is not only a record of Time, but is also an expression of Organic Light. That special light that is latent in all things in the Creation but is rarely recognized and even more infrequently, captured on film. Each image is unique in the world and will not be seen anywhere else. And although I photograph in the same places that many other photographers do; my compositions are unique, matchless and border on the unreal. Yet each is a true expression of the natural world with all its glory and beauty signing to us a message and direction to the One that is Greater than all of us combined.

11. Finally and definitely not least, in the spirit of the couplet of poetry written by the late Sage Ibn Al-Habib: "Truly created things are meanings projected in images. All who understand this are among the people of discernment.", each photograph I present comes with a reflection on what the captured image represents in the cosmology of temporally existent things. I search deep within my heart and soul, tapping into the rich and living spiritual traditions of Islam, to find meaning in what I saw and now present to you. Giving you a piece of Art that not only enthralls your eyes, but one that will also stimulate your mind and captivate your heart.


Again, thank you for your support and patronage.



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