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Rab'i Ath-Thaani 1431

The 4th month of the Islamic calendar year is known as Rab'i Ath-Thaani. It currently falls in the month of March of the current solar calendar. Calendars have existed for thousands of years and have come in many forms. Most have been luni-solar taking both the moon and sun into account. Few have been strictly lunar or solar. The Islamic calendar is a purely lunar calendar that follows twelve lunar months in each year. This causes the Islamic months to move through the Tropical year over a 33-year period, with each Islamic month occurring 11 days earlier each successive year until it returns to the same season 33 years later. What is the wisdom behind this traveling moon through the solar seasons may never be known, but one thing is for sure, we did not create this nor can we ever control it.

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