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No More Words

If every leaf on a tree were a word spoken by that tree what would it say? What great address would it give with all those words? Would it be “come here weary traveler and take respite under my shade”? Would it be “Oh man, we nourish each other so in caring for me you take care of yourself”? In fact if you listen to the trees then you will find that each speaks in a different tone, with a different rhythm and with a different cadence as their leaves dance in the breeze. Each gives a different impression to the heart with the various shapes and colors. And even in their demise on the tails of autumn as they fall to the ground the leaves speak to us. And instead of going silent, instead of making no more promises, they reverberate with even louder volume as the last of the words give light to the very structure that supported what they had to say and what they have to offer. No, the words of a tree are timeless and full of promise to those who listen.

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