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Imagine if we had to grow up without anyone teaching us a thing. What if our parents did not teach us how to walk? Or What if they did not teach us how to speak, or to eat with utensils, go to the bathroom, how to wash our hands afterwards, how to get dressed, to comb our hair, or brush our teeth. What might we have turned into? What if we did not have someone to teach us how to read and write, how to add, subtract, multiply and divide? What if no one ever taught us at all, how would we know anything? We are all born ignorant and all knowledge is acquired in one-way or another. Given a proper education and we can live an erudite life, remain ignorant and an ignoble life is all we will find. The mercy afforded to those who are taught by a teacher is unfathomable. There is no measure to the depth of mercy and benefit that one acquires from the teacher. Teaching is one of our greatest mercies bestowed upon us. How unfortunate that we do not honor the teacher in our day and age. Perhaps that is an indication to the lack of mercy that exists in our world today. Maybe all we need in the world is the impression of a teacher to bring Mercy back into the world. We should ponder on that.

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