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Dancing In Light

Light, invisible and sight giving at the same time, wave and particle at the same time, there and untouchable at the same time, it is glorious. We do not think about it, those of us who can see it and those who cannot fail to understand what it is. Within it is the information of all of creation. Within it is the history of whatever emanated it, whether it is a split second ago or eons ago, what we see is what was and light informs us of that. All the energy contained in this planet, all the energy that sustains us came to us through light. In it, the truth appears and falsehood vanishes. It is, in essence, the Source. And for those who understand this, like these Aspens draped in their fall attire, they dance in the light professing their joy and gratitude for what light brings. Be as they trees and dance in the light.

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