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Thousands of times a day the beach and whatever is fool-hardy enough to be on it gets washed by the waves as they ebb and flow with the tide. Cleansed in the water from whatever filth, excrement or impurity that might have fallen on it. Itís a process that keeps the beach and its erratics pure and pristine so that when the light of the sun shines down on them they glisten with the luminance nearly as bright as the sun itself. This process serves to remind us of our own light. A reflection of the Light of the Divine, our light can become dulled by the impurities and filth that soils our soul and manifests itself in our actions. We too need to absolve ourselves of the wrongs that have stifled our light, to keep ourselves pure and pristine, so that we can shine with the luminance as the pinnacle of creation that we are.

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