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Reflections Of Light

Deep in the woods light is ephemeral. It plays hide and seek with your eyes as it pokes through the cracks in the canopy of trees and other plants. It shines through here, reflects off of that there, and dances its way through the forest. Catching everything the forest in a photograph is sometimes very hard to do but with a little imagination capturing the essence of what is there can make for a wonderful visual journey. With autumn in full roar, the light of Big Leaf Maples filters through the canopy and reflects delicately off the surface of mudstone in the bed of a mountain creek. To appreciate the beauty of something we need not it in totality. If its essence is presented to us and we can recognize it, then it will impress upon us and enthrall us. Such is the case here. The golden light of the Maples mixed with the reds of the stone and blues of the light from the sky beaming down come together along with the motion of the moving water to form a symphony of for the eyes and an escape for the heart to revel in. Beauty is all around us and it behooves us to look for it and be in its presence. For just as perfume will rub off on us we visit a perfume dealer, we can become beautiful if we immerse ourselves in beauty as well.

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