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Black Tears

The earth is in pain. We are hurting it. We poison its water. We choke its air. We cut its limbs and cut into its flesh. For all that we do to the Earth, it still takes care of us by the sky sending down its life giving rain, the fields still give their nourishing foods and trees still provide us with shade and the air that we breath. For some the Earth is an inanimate object held in check by the laws of nature that govern how everything works. For others, the photographer included, see the Earth as a living and interactive organism that has a spirit and a purpose. I wonder at times if the Earth has a memory that it remembers everything that everyone has ever done on its back. Will stand as a witness against us on the day when the debts fall due? I wonder if the Earth 'looks' at us and is saddened by what it must do to rectify its unbalanced state in returning to equilibrium. I think it will rid us, or most of us, and I think it knows this. I wonder if it is crying black tears over what it must do.

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