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The Tufa Sage

We are born knowing very little. However, we learn very quickly. We are walking by age one. Walking shortly after that, eating on our own before two years have passed, speaking intelligible words before age three. This learning process continues through out our entire life. Given enough time, I doubt there is anything we cannot learn. However, it is time that we are in short supply of. Each of us is given a fixed allotment of time to live our lives, and no one knows, regardless of how much time we have to learn it, how much time we have. If we use up our time on empty meaningless things, then as we meet our end, we find nothing but empty meaninglessness ahead of us. We cannot save time for later, there is no way to borrow time from someone else, what we have is what we have. We should be people of substance, people of benefit and people of excellence. We should also be people who leave behind more than what we take. For in the end, if what we learn in life goes with us and us alone to our grave then it is as if we never lived here at all.

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