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In The Cathedral

Man has built many a place of worship, some grand, some humble, some colorful, and some whimsical. Some have stood the test of time and some have fallen to the dust forgotten as the winds blow them away. Some are awe-inspiring and still bring reverence to the Creator as the day they were first opened. However, for all the effort and toil that went into erecting these great places of supplication and succor few can compare to the grandeur of what the Creator put into His creation. For in nature there exists a place of worship not bound by walls or courtyards, pews or confessionals, minbars or pulpits, domes or arches. For in nature, one needs only to walk among the trees and look up. For in that cathedral, Peace will flow into you as the sunshine flows into the trees and without work or toil the soul will find itself at home.

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