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This handsome collection of 12 note cards depicting the four seasons in California photographically captured and signed by Youssef Ismail are a wonderful way to send a sentiment or thank you to someone you care about.

Printed on a heavy weight cardstock with a luxuriant glossy finish the cards bring a vibrancy to the already stunning images of the California landscape. The inside of the cards provide two clean 5x7 inch matt surfaces for you to personalize your card to whom you send it with your own thoughts and sentiments. In addition, the back of the card contains the reflective words about the scene written by Youssef Ismail as found here on the Organic Light Photography website. Each card comes with an accompanying envelope suitable for mailing.

Each individual card retails for $3.00 US dollars. An assorted set of 12 cards, one of each scene, along with 12 envelopes in a clear palstic box is also available for $30.00 US Dollars, saving you $6.00 on the set. Residents of California, or orders shipped to a California address are subject to an 8.25% sales tax.

Resellers holding a valid resale permit are eligible to purchase the cards at wholesale prices and quantities. Please Contact Us for more information.

Click on an image to see it enlarged.


Snowy Hollow






Tidy Tip Morning


New Beginnings


The Sound of Peace


Russian Sunset


Sky Fire


Black Oak


Aspen Haven


A Place Unknown


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