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Forces of nature are very deceptive. We can cut through the air we breath with nearly no effort. However, speed that wind up to 85 miles per hour or more and suddenly it has powerful destructive capabilities. Water, when spilled, spreads out and soaks into whatever it touches. It humbly flows down hill whenever it moves and falls effortlessly over the edge of a cliff showing us at times the silkiness of a delicate veil. Small trickles like that of Tailbone Falls bring us delicate beauty, but given a raging torrent and you have destruction defined. It is through humbleness that water, wind, or any of the other forces of nature, have any power at all. When we claim the attributes of power for ourselves, we find the attributes of humiliation manifesting in our actions. Claim the attributes of humility and we find ourselves exhibiting those of power and strength. Think about it.

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