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Brushes Of Light

Light. It surrounds us, envelopes us, brings us information and yet it is one of the most elusive of mediums known. It is invisible to our eyes until it interacts with an object. It has a finite speed that is infinitely faster than anything we know. It behaves as particle and as a wave. Its dual nature in and of itself fulfills its own duality while still acting as the counterpart to darkness. It is the metaphor of all that is good and the Creator has used it as the language of all the Cosmos, for with out it we would not know the existence of any other thing. It streams to our eyes constantly and gives us the impression that the world is continuous and static. However, if we could slow down our perception, we would see the world is in constant flux, coming into and out of existence, and the light only brushes our eyes briefly before it is gone. What you see now is already gone.

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