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In The Trees

Forests are among the most difficult places to work for a photographer. Trees, shrubs, and plants of every size and color symbiotically grow throughout creating a veritable chaotic mess that brings noting but confusion when looked at. To complicate matters further, the light in the forest is very difficult to work with. Any direct light streaming in produces intensities so bright compared to the shadowed areas that no camera can capture its full dynamic range even though the eye can. Photographing in that light produces nothing but frustration. It is always difficult dealing with extremes whether it is with light, ideas or beliefs. Compromise is the only way to negotiate past the extremism that exists in the world, taking the middle way, which is the only path of success. Oh, and with regards to photographing in the forest, work with diffused light that illuminates everything without being to harsh allowing both shadows and highlights to be seen not only by the human eye but by the camera’s eye as well.

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