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Throughout the centuries humans have debated over whether we have free will or if our destiny is predetermined. This debate did not pass me by unanswered. I debated this and came to a conclusion that we in fact do not have free will but rather we do have the freedom of choice. Clearly not as attractive as the former, but one that is much more plausible given the fact that we never know the future nor can we predict what the future holds for us. Had free will been our reality we not only would know the future but we could control it through our will. And while our destiny might already be written for us and known to the Author of Time, we fortunately know nothing of what is to come and by that allows us complete and total freedom to choose our path as we wish. And not unlike the branches of this tree, we are presented with decisions at every fork of the branches and we must take one or the other. Which path we eventually take will, in the end, be irrelevant as we will always end up in the canopy of the tree on some leaf, that is by the tree’s very nature, touching some other leaf. And yet at the same time our path through this life is not irrelevant for the onus is on us to do good in this life and strive for peace rather than discord and evil. So choose wisely as we will in the end be responsible for what we intended to do.

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