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The Gathering

On a foggy wind swept beach five hearts came together enamored by the marvel that is our world where Earth meets Water. Hidden there among the tumultuous surf were gems of immense beauty and variety. A gathering takes place not only of the myriad of stones, shaped, marbled and colored in ways that almost defy explanation, but also of the hearts of those individuals in concert on one intent - to show the world the beauty of Our World. What resulted was a visual bonanza of shapes, colors, and textures that grab the eye and then captivate the heart. Even hearts of stone would find solace in such a gathering and some did find their way to sit in it. How amazing it is to see all the variations in stone that exist and to see how beautiful they are when they are gathered together. We humans are not unlike this gathering in our own diversity, and even though we do not have hearts of stone we seem to be too hard-hearted to even gather and show our grandeur as a group like these stones. Soften your hearts, for I would hate to think that we are no better than stones.

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