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Maidenhair Fern captured in the early morning harboring dew on its fronds. Like everything in creation that exists conditionally, the dew can exist on the fronds as long as the fronds are not disturbed. The drops find a delicate balance and stay there until they evaporate away in the air to only find another resting place when the air cools again. The web of life is also in a delicate balance and continuous cycle that will continue to exist as long as it is not greatly perturbed. Our impact on this web has reached a critical point where if we continue along the current path will derail it off its cycle and cause it to cease. My fear is that we have already crossed the tipping point, the point of no return and we have no way of correcting what we have done. Nonetheless, it is incumbent upon us to make amends and correct our path if we desire to be future residents of this Earth. While we think we are its masters, in reality we are at its mercy and its powers of cleansing itself of detrimental flotsam is unsurpassed.

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