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Happy Again

I love nature. It does not matter where I go, as long as it is a natural setting my heart settles and I can breathe a little easier. The rhythm of nature is slow. Its not in a hurry and has no place to go. You can go there today and then come back a year later to find it nearly identical. I think that is what makes it so reassuring, is that we feel like it will always be there to make us happy again and again. However the illusion we hold of it not changing will be its undoing. While on the one hand natural places appear the same over time, they are constantly changing in response to the actions of other creatures sharing the planet. Everything in creation is linked and the actions of one thing will have an impact on everything else. Individually our impact is minimal and nature can accommodate and going mostly unperturbed. Collectively we have a much larger and detrimental impact on the natural world and as of late it is having a very hard time coping with our pressures on it. If we wish to have natural places to go to where we can be happy again, we need to change how we impose ourselves on the world, and we need to change fast.

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