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Autumn Garden

Perfection is not within the realm of us humans. We try our best to achieve perfection but we always fall short. Achieving perfection requires a mastery over the subject in both knowledge and practice. Gardens have long been an obsession of civilized lands, from the hanging gardens of Babylon of ancient times and the Gardens of Alhambra of the Golden Age of Islam to the modern gardens of Versailles in France and Ryoan-Ji Zen Gardens in Kyoto Japan. Arranged in precise order and manicured continuously the gardens and those who groom them strive to impart a sense of peace and tranquility. But leave the gardens to themselves, and they become unruly disheveled and chaotic. Moreover, this is where creation has an edge up on us mere mortals. The gardens of nature are varied but perfectly arranged. Each tree, plant and rock has its place and compliments each other to form a tapestry of color, texture and depth that is unrivaled in all the world. And the more it is left alone the more perfect it becomes.

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