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The archive of news worthy events that have taken place at Organic Light Photography...

Signiture Series Wallpapers and Lycoris

Dated: 9/20/2003

Lycoris has just announced the release of their latest Desktop Linux operating system for the PC. It will be available on all newly shipped software and pre- installed on all PCs sold by Walmart. Why is this little tidbit of news being reported here on the Organic Light Photography website? Well, . . .

Ramadan 1424 has Begun!

Dated: 10/28/2003

The month of Ramadan for the Islamic year 1424 started on the evening of Sunday October 26. The new moon for the month was sighted (see below) and photgraphed of course. The interesting occurance this month is that the moon was accompanied by our sister planet Venus. Venus is shown to the . . .

Special Image Published

Dated: 12/22/2003

The photo of the Crescent Moon and Venus taken at the beginning of Ramadan 1424, will be published in the forthcoming February 2004 issue of Sky and Telescope Magazine. It is the lead photo in the Celestial Calendar section of the magazine highlighting the 1400 year old Islamic tradition of moonsighting as . . .

Screen Saver Now Available!

Dated: 4/2/2004

Now available from the Orgaic Light Photography Website is a FREE demo screen saver and two FREE high resolution Desktop Wallpapers! The FREE screen saver contains four Fine Art Images that cycle through to protect your monitor's screen from burning out.

If the demo version is registered, it can be unlocked via key . . .

Spring 2004 Newsletter

Dated: 4/2/2004

Dear Friends, Supporters and Patrons of Organic Light,


Spring is upon us! The Earth is coming back to life. The hills sooth the eyes with luxurious carpets of green grasses and with the pastel splashes of yellow, lavender and orange as the wildflowers start to bloom as well. Warm days, cool evenings . . .

Summer 2004 Newsletter

Dated: 11/12/2004

Dear Friends, Supporters and Patrons of Organic Light,


Wow! Is Summer almost over?! What a hectic last few months. Isn't Summer
supposed to be filled it "Lazy Days"? Summer time was always my favorite
time of the year when I was growing up. You were free from school and you
could do "stuff" all day long, every day, . . .

Autumn 2004 Newsletter

Dated: 11/12/2004

Dear Friends, Supporters and Patrons of Organic Light,


Colors of autumn are always wonderful and this year is no different. With Autumn in full swing here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the weather turning nippy we start to look ahead to the quiet time of winter and reflect on the fun times . . .

Winter 2004/2005 Newsletter

Dated: 2/6/2005

Dear Friends, Patrons and Supporters of Organic Light,

Organic Light Photography - Winter 2004/2005 Newsletter


Winter is a quiet time that fosters reflection. It is, for us dwellers of the northern hemisphere, a season of being indoors most of the time due to the harsh and inclement weather. A time of gathering thoughts. . . .

Online Purchasing Now Available!

Dated: 2/16/2005

As of February 15th, patrons of Organic Light Photography have the option to make purchases online SECURELY using PayPal! For any image you wish to purchase, simply click on the 'purchase' button under the enlarged image in any gallery and fill out the order form. Once filled, price calculated, and the order submitted, . . .

Organic Light Photo to Hang in the Vatican

Dated: 8/5/2005

On August 4th, 2005 the photograph titled 'Another Time' was presented to the Archbishop William J. Levada of the San Francisco archdiocese as a gift from the San Francisco Bay Area Muslims. Several Muslim Organizations came together to congratulate the Archbishop on his appointment to the Prefect of the Congregation for . . .

Organic Light Photography In The Press

Dated: 9/26/2005

On August 31, 2005 a story appeared in a local newspaper, the Campbell Reporter, regarding the news that the photo 'Another Time' will be haning in the Vatican. The story can also be read online HERE.

Spring 2005 Organic Light Photography Newsletter

Dated: 9/26/2005

Dear Friends, Patrons and Supporters of Organic Light,

Organic Light Photography - Winter 2004/2005 Newsletter


A few weeks ago I was thinking of my dear departed mother, may God grant her peace, as Mother's Day was quickly approaching. I really felt the loss. But then it hit me. My loving wife is also . . .

Summer 2005 Organic Light Photography Newsletter

Dated: 9/26/2005

Dear Friends, Patrons and Supporters of Organic Light,

Organic Light Photography - Issue #7 Summer 2005 Newsletter


Well we have seen a very tumultuous summer. From the bombings in London, to the famine in Niger that threatens 9 million human beings who are starving as I type and to the escalating war in Iraq and . . .

Autumn 2005 Newsletter

Dated: 12/3/2005

Dear Friends, Patrons and Supporters of Organic Light,

Organic Light Photography - Issue #8 Autumn 2005 Newsletter


Well, we are in the midst of another autumn. It is amazing how fast time passes us by. It seems like only yesterday that I was discovering what an amazing display of fall color existed right in . . .

Organic Light Photography Newsletter - Spring 2006

Dated: 7/27/2006

Organic Light Photography Newsletter
Issue #10 - Spring 2006
Youssef Ismail / Organic Light Photography - All Rights Reserved

Spring Light

What happened to spring this year? Winter here in the San Francisco Bay Area dragged on through March and even into part . . .

Organic Light Photography Mentioned in Commentary

Dated: 9/13/2006

Big Sur workshop participant Ayesha Malik Nasson, who writes for several magizines and weblogs, including Azizah, Hu, and Bittersweet, commented on her positive and rewarding experience during the 2006 Big Sur Coast workshop. Read her thoughts in her commentary titled "Divinity is in the Details" Here . . .

Eid Al Fitr 1427

Dated: 10/24/2006

To all my Muslim website visitors - Eid Mubarak! The new moon of Shawwal 1427 was seen this evening at one of my haunts, Windy Hill Open Space Preserve. As soon as I get the photos developed I'll post it along with an essay about it. But for now its Festival Time!

Organic Light Autumn 2006 Newsletter

Dated: 12/9/2006

Organic Light Photography Newsletter
Issue #12 - Autumn 2006
Youssef Ismail / Organic Light Photography - All Rights Reserved

Autumn Light

Why Photograph

For the last several months I have been thinking very deeply . . .

Organic Light Winter 2007 Newsletter

Dated: 2/13/2007

Organic Light Photography Newsletter
Issue #13 - Winter 2006
Youssef Ismail / Organic Light Photography - All Rights Reserved

Winter Light

The Fever

As I sit here writing this essay in northern California . . .

Off to Africa!

Dated: 4/2/2007

I am trveling to photograph in the Afircan country of Mauritania. I will be there for two weeks to document some ancient pictographs, or cave paintings, whose date of origin is at this time unknown! I will also be photographing some ruins that resemble eskimo igloos but made of stone! In addition . . .

Organic Light Spring 2007 Newsletter

Dated: 7/31/2007

Organic Light Photography Newsletter
Issue #14 - Spring 2007
Youssef Ismail / Organic Light Photography - All Rights Reserved

Spring Light

The Winds of Change

In April of this year, I had the . . .

Notecard and Calendar Ordering Now Online

Dated: 8/1/2007

As of July, the Seasons Signature Series Notecards and The 2008 From Darkness to Light wall calendar are up on line and can be ordered online as well. Check out the Press page for more details.

Rajab 1429 Begins

Dated: 7/4/2008

It was a beautiful afternoon at Russian Ridge Open Space Preseve in the mid-peninsula region of the San Francisco Bay Area. The sun was shinning brightly and the air was crisp and clean.

Even the trees throughout the Santa Cruz Mountains were enjoying the sweet scented air and sunshine.

And as the sun began . . .

2009 Calendars Now Shipping

Dated: 8/28/2008

The 2009 From Darkenss To Light wall calendar is now in stock and ready for delivery. For all those that have pre-ordered the calendar, they will ship out in the next 48 hours. Be on the lookout for them in, or I should say near your mailbox.

The printing this year is top notch . . .

After The Rain Wins Prestigious Honor

Dated: 8/29/2008

The Photograph After The Rain has been named Runner-Up in the Prestigious International Conservation Photography Awards in the Floral Category.

The photograph was taken in 2003 during the amazing and historic wildflower bloom in the Gorman Hills of Southern California. For the full story behind the making of this photograph check it out . . .

New Organic Light Pan Web Journal

Dated: 9/11/2008

I have started a web journal titled Organic Light Pan. You can access it at HERE. A navigation button will be foloowing shortly.

Please visit the journal and subscribe. It would be greatly appreciated.

New Islamic Year, 1430

Dated: 12/29/2008

Time passes by so fast. This evening marked the beginning of the New Islamic Year, Year 1430. Tonight being the first evening of the month of Muharram and tomorrow the first full day. The Islamic calendar is one based on the lunar cycle. Each of the 12 lunar months is marked . . .

Follow On Facebook

Dated: 8/19/2009

You can now follow Organic Light Photogrpahy on Facebook as a Fan and recieve special advanced information on upcoming shows, events and workshops, as well as getting Fan Only discounts and sales.

Go to The Organic Light Photography Page and become a Fan Today.

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